Graduate Course

2018 Graduate Course
October 25, 2018
Wild Rock Golf Clubhouse at The Wilderness Resort
856 Canyon Rd.
Wisconsin Dells
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There is a block of rooms available for the night before the seminar (Wednesday) and the night of the seminar (Thursday) at The Glacier Canyon Lodge.  Call The Wilderness 800-867-9453.  Ask for the block of rooms for WI Land Title Assn. or Leader #F59720.  Rate: $99.99.  
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Graduate Course Morning Session
8:30-9 am            Morning Registration

9-10:30 am          Indian Land Issues-Don Schenker, Retired State Counsel First American Title Insurance                                        Company(90 minutes)

10:30 am             Break                  

10:45-12:15 pm  Water Issues-Duane Wunsch, State Counsel Fidelity National Title Group (90 minutes)   

Parcels of land located along lakes and rivers or that encompass wetlands often reveal physical features that landowners may not
regard as having significance at the time of purchase, yet by virtue of their presence on the site entail important land use limitations:

                                                 A.  Piers, docks and wharves
                                                 B.   Beach 
                                                 C.   Wetlands
                                                 D.  Boathouses
                                                 E.  Artificially filled land
                                                 F.  Dams
Sites that contain or encompass improvements and aquatic features are subject to laws and regulations that restrict their sale and use.  What should the title search and examination of waterfront property and islands include?  What title claims have occurred?  What forms of title insurance coverage are available.

12:15 am             Morning Session Concludes

Lunch for Morning & Afternoon Registrants
12:15- 1 pm             Lunch-Soup/Sandwich Buffet

Graduate Course Afternoon Session
12:30 pm             Afternoon Registration

1-2:30 pm            Railroads-William Stewart, Counsel Meissner Tierney Law Firm (90 minutes)

Ever wonder why title companies use specific exceptions for railroads?  Whether marred by ambiguous conveyances, old statutory rights or—worst of all—hidden “implied” reversionary interests, few historical uses of property have created the significant risks for a complete failure of title than abandoned railroad lines.  Please join William Stuart for a trip to the past, as he discusses the rise and fall of railroad lines in the 19th Century and how the creation and abandonment of those lines continue to haunt property owners and title insurers to this day.

2:30 pm               Break

2:45-4:15 pm      Access/Easements-Brad Hoeschen, State Manager Old Republic National Title Insurance                                                    Company (90 minutes)

Exposing his true inner nerd, there is no one more excited to talk about easements than Brad Hoeschen.  Ask him the future date he is looking forward to the most and Brad will say June 30, 2020 – the day the statute of limitations for recording easements and covenants drops from 60 years to 40.

Brad’s graduate course on easements and access will cover the importance of having express easements and reading them all the way through.  He’ll also discuss the risks of easements that are not fully defined.  And most importantly (to him) Brad will explain the ramifications of the statute of limitations for easements dropping by 20 years and what the title industry should be doing in the next 20 months to prepare.

4:15 pm               Afternoon Session Concludes

Morning Session:
$75 Graduates of the Title Examiner Courses
$150 Non Graduate WLTA Member
$200 Non Graduate Non WLTA Member

Afternoon Session:
$75 Graduates of the Title Examiner Courses
$150 Non Graduate WLTA Member
$200 Non Graduate Non WLTA Member

Full Day:
$150 Graduates of the Title Examiner Courses
$300 Non Graduate WLTA Member
$400 Non Graduate Non WLTA Member

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