Membership Plaques

3 Membership Plaque Order Options:

Membership Plaque                                                                                                                                       

All new Underwriter & Agent members receive a complimentary plaque like this upon joining WLTA.  If yours has been lost or damaged and you need a new one, place order here.  Price is $65.

Order form for Membership Plaque click here. (pdf)


Decal Plaque

When your membership plaque has been filled with the yearly decals received upon membership renewal and you need more space, order this decal plaque for those additional deals.  Price is $40.  (Decal plaque is pictured at the bottom of the member plaque below.)

Order Form Decal Plaque click here.(pdf)


New Name Plate for Member Plaque

If your company's name has changed and you want a new plate, just order this new plate, remove the pins and replace. Price is $30.

Order Form New Name Plate, click here. (pdf)