WLTA Members Attend ALTA Advocacy Summit 2018
Washington D.C

Michelle Korsmo ,ALTA CEO & Andrew Olmem,
Special Assistant to the President for 
Financial Policy.

WLTA delegation with Brian Conlan of 
Senator Tammy Baldwin's Office.

Mike Allen, Co-founder & Executive  Director of Axios Media. 
Ryan Wolter, Carrie Hoyer & Kate O'Keefe on Capitol Hill Mick Mulvaney, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
WLTA Members "Telling Their Story" to Will Lawler (staffer) in Rep. James Senenbrenner's office. 
The ti
tle industry in Wisconsin was well represented
Capitol Hill  in Rep. James Sensenbrenner's Office.
 Representative Ron Kind with WLTA delegation.  
Carrie Hoyer, Ben Konitzer, Kate O'Keefe, 
Ryan Wolter, 
Rep. Ron Kind, Karen Gilster, 
Mike Brandner, Craig Haskins, Mark Ladd.
WLTA members visit with Allison Steil from 
Representative Paul Ryan's Office. 
Mark Ladd & Craig Haskins-Lunch/Break Time at Bullfeathers.

                 Visit with Senator Ron Johnson's office staff.