Volunteer to Serve

WLTA welcomes and encourages members to get involved in their association by serving in leadership roles.  

WLTA Committees:  
To volunteer to serve as a Committee Chair, Vice Chair or Committee Member, fill out the form below and submit to the WLTA Association Office.  For a list and further explanation of the WLTA Committees, click on the WLTA Bylaws link below and visit to the Committee Section of this website.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the WLTA office.

WLTA Committee Sign Up Form (pdf)


WLTA Board of Directors: 
Board members are elected annually by the general voting membership upon recommendation of the WLTA Nominating Committee.  The election for Directors at Large takes place during the annual convention.  Region Directors (one from each WLTA Region) are elected by the voting members of each region. 
(See a link for the WLTA Region Map below).  Region Members serve 2 year terms.  For a complete understanding of the structure of the board and the voting process, click on the WLTA Bylaws link below.  To submit your name into nomination for a board position, fill out the WLTA Board Nomination form below and return to the WLTA Office.  Feel free to call with questions.

WLTA Board Leadership Nomination Form (pdf)

WLTA Region Map (pdf)

WLTA Bylaws (pdf)