Professional Designation



WLTA created the Wisconsin Land Title Professional Designation (WLTP) in 2015.

Designees include those persons who have demonstrated a knowledge of land title insurance through education, experience and participation. The WLTP is designed to: 

  • Establish the highest level of title professional designation in Wisconsin. 
  • Motivate title insurance professionals to excel in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. 
  • Promote the characteristics of professionalism by encouraging loyalty and a sense of an obligation to serve and contribute to the welfare of the land title industry and the Wisconsin Land Title Association. 
  • Recognize and reward those title professionals who fulfill the standards required for education, experience and participation from the WLTP Council and the WLTA. 
  • The WLTP represents a level of educational standard by completing the 6 WLTA Title Examiner Courses.  
  • The WLTP has demonstrated professionalism in the completion of the required components of education.  



       WLTP Designees-Fall 2018

       WLTP Designees-Spring 2018


         L-R: Josh Johnson, Makina Streuly, Heidi Reinhardt

     WLTP Designees-Fall 2017


       L-R Casey Tomten, Kathi Hall, Katie Schmitz

        WLTP Designees Spring 2016


L-R Kate O'Keefe, Nancy Mc Hugh, Kaleb Hall, Barb Schlieve

             WLTP Designees Fall 2016


L-R Kate Marlin, Becky Oswald, Jeanne Smith, Jessica Rawling,  
Marlene Mc Cluskey, Jonathan Sayas. Not pictured Tanya Martinez

   WLTP Designees-Spring 2017


L-R Angie Bodenheimer, Alecia Booher, Brancy Rowe